There are a lot of travel applications on the market that have become indispensable travel equipment, but the best are those that do their job neatly and quickly while on the move. Select applications that have been tested and tried, not the applications that are still under development. And best of all, most travel apps are free. A lot of travelers will get apps that aid them to navigate. Locate local amenities such as car rental24h and attractions; Communicating and managing your money are the most beneficial travel and technology aids.


Another must-have application for your trip. Uses Geo-location data.


With this free app, you can search for what’s up to date and what’s happening in a particular city. Sometimes a person lands abroad and has no idea how to spend time outside the usual tourist attractions. This is where YPlan comes in; With a simple layout and design, it provides an organized list of activities in a specific city. Check this box if you are traveling to one of these cities.


The ultimate Trip Planner TripIt organizes everything you need to organize your trip. Hotel details, rental cars, timetables and restaurant reservations, everything is available. It is an integral part of your journey and allows you to keep track of your schedule. The download in the App Store is free.

Concur Mobile:

A handy app that helps you track your travel expenses. This is for anyone who wants to keep the financial aspects of a trip under tight control. Back home, it will make your life easier and calculate the money. Or you can prepare a report for your business so that it can reimburse you for the costs incurred during your work.

Google Maps:

The simplest application, the most detailed and useful map application on the market is completely free and offers unprecedented navigation. It is an absolute must on your journey. With Google Maps, you can easily take you to a completely different city.


A more practical version of the useful website. TripAdvisor is a very wellknown and detailed application that finds reviews in almost every corner of the world. Search and compare the prices of restaurants, hotels, rentals and the like. It has an extensive database where you are sure to find even the most remote places.

Pack Point

Nobody loves packing, almost without exception. And you almost always forget something. PackPoint has its back. Just enter where, when and why. And that will tell you what to bring.


This app will help you to find out more about your car rental in your area. If you arrive at another location and want to know where to find a car for your trip, this app is very useful. You can see the nearest car rental24h. You can download Renatal24h from your Android phone.