With great experience in the wooden pallet trade, DAVID LE MARRE created EUROTRADE PALLET in 2003 to provide the market with a global offer of new and reconditioned pallets.

EUROTRADE PALLET, entity of LMI GROUP (Groupe Le Marre International) is based on:


We rely on our own reconditioning sites and on the national network VALORPAL SYSTEM, the first network in France for professional recycling and wooden pallets manufacturers.


Present in the UK, Benelux, Poland and Ukraine, EUROTRADE PALLET continues to expand throughout EUROPE and beyond in order to offer reliable and permenant solutions to the trade.


According to the evolution of the demand, EUROTRADEPALLET adapted its range of manutention products in 2000. This is the reason why we are proud to propose to our customers new or reconditioned pallets as well as new and second-hand pallets, plastic tanks or big bags adapted to various fields of activity.




Our organisation meets clients’ needs, our prestations are specialist oriented: Logistics, IT, operation, communication, trade.

Share, reactivity and proximity

An interlocutor determines the needs of every client to find together adapted solutions.

Adapt its services to the evolution of the market and to the specific needs of every client remains our priority !

We provide guarantees of reliability and give priority to sustainable collaboration with the client.

Our methodology allows to define all actions to achieve objectives.