Reactivity, efficiency and respect of deadlines are the key words which qualify our sales. When a need is specific or urgent ; our teams do their best to satisfy your request.


Sales of new pallets

We study together or we set up a specification according to samples.


Sales of reconditioning pallets

We have a large choice of reconditioning pallets available according to your needs.



Thanks to a fleet of various trucks, Eurotrade Pallet makes its clients fully satisfied within a view of reactivity and prosperity.

The company owns a legal authorization of TRANSPORTATION of NON DANGEROUS FREIGHT.

Logistic Management of pallets


  • Easy management
  • Time saving
  • Optimization of your storage
  • Better safety
  • Adaptation of relocation solutions to your corporate organization and environment

Relocation solutions

Thanks to available dumpsters (open trays) , we collect second-hand pallets in all fields of activity.


In a sustainable optimisation approach, our teams re-used viable elements to fix and make reconditioned pallets properly.

Wood valorisation

Wooden scraps account for 7 to 8 million tons per year !

That is why, woodchips and offcuts are re-used in the manufacturing of particle boards and paper pulp for instance.